Appartamento Copper


The Appartamento is a compact espresso machine designed for environments where space is at a premium.


It's Rocket's girl. Vibratory pump with adjusted temperature. Steel body, copper boiler with 1.80lt capacity and Faema E61 group with temperature exchange system to guarantee a very good thermal stability.
The vibrating pump that responds to contrast. This means that if the coffee is well ground the pump will work at 8-9bars, if the coffee is ground too thick it will work at 4-6bars and if it is too thin it will work at higher pressures.
Possibility of using only the 2,5lt water tank.
Recommended for those who like a good coffee, have a very good coffee at the level of design and functionality but allows a timely operation and use it without much consistency.

Functionality and characteristics:

     Design of the boiler with temperature exchange.
     Coffee maker built 100% in stainless steel.
     Boiler capacity: 1.80 liters
     Removable water tank of 2.25 liters.
     Head of the heated group: A small flow of water leaving the boiler keeps the head of the machine group warm to achieve more consistent temperatures.
     The compact size makes it fit in kitchens and limited spaces.
     Power: 1200 watts.
     Dimensions: 27 x 42 x 36 cm (width x depth x height).
     Weight: 20 kilograms



Rocket 2019 domestic catalog

Rocket Espresso 2019 domestic machines catalog

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Appartamento spare parts book

Spare parts catalogue for Rocket Appartamento

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