Moka Competition Filter 6 Cups E&B Lab


E&B Lab Moka Competiton Filter 6 Cup


The idea of the Competition Moka filter has been created to enhance the coffee extraction of the Moka pot.

Developing a filter with more smaller holes (0.2mm diameter) then the fewer and larger traditional ones (≈ 0,8mm diameter) permits a perfect extraction by avoidinghigh pressured water that could damage the coffee cake

A cleaner beverage is obtained thanks to the reduction to the fine particles in the cup, in this way the acidity is emphasised and the bitterness reduced.

Technical details:

Components: Stainless steel filter & transparent silicone Gasket

Suitable:  for the majority of Aluminum Espresso Pots

Availbale: 1 cup - 2 cup – 3 cup – 6 cup




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